Dedicated hosting space:  You own more than one servers, you rent a site, the size of your option (1 to 47U), in one of our two Green datacenters in Normandy.

Advantage  : you’re liberated to access your secure room 24/24 and handle your applications as you would like, or entrust the management to our technical team.

Specialized server: One or more servers are allocated for your requirements particularly within our Green datacenters.

Benefit  : We handle your server for you, freeing up time for you. You have got a permanent hardware warranty, and we allow you to pay attention to your company.


Our shared solutions

Shared hosting area:


Virtual server that is private



Shared server: This solution is considered the most widespread, plus the minimum expensive. It is ideal for moderate traffic sites. Your information is saved on a server that you share with other users, where you keep your space private.

Advantages  : This solution is tailor-made, adapts and evolves intelligently with your needs. We manage your accommodation for you; you benefit from a hardware warranty and permanent software management, which frees up time for you to devote to your activity.


Our Cloud solutions

Cloud technology that is computing in outsourcing your computer information and virtualizing your servers to increase accessibility and simplicity of management. Therefore, it is possible to access your files, make your backups, monitor your task  from any terminal (PC, tablet, smartphone …) and anywhere in the world.


With Webaxys, you’ll even come and see your computer data, by making a scheduled appointment for a visit to our Datacenter in Normandy .



The private cloud


The private cloud is only accessible from your organization’s network . It allows you to create a computer that is private , through which all of the products of a company can share information and applications. Information in an exclusive cloud doesn’t circulate on the online world : it stays on the company network that is internal.


It is possible to produce modular accesses based on the users, in order to limit or allow access of channels to certain files.




Advantages  :


Your information is protected.

Communication and sharing of fluid business.

Optimized power consumption.

Controlled costs.

The cloud that is public


Unlike the private cloud,  the public cloud  can be accessed securely from any network . It can host a variety that is wide of: messaging, company applications, data, etc. Unlike the private cloud,  your public cloud is maybe not housed in a closed circuit on your network , but on the net.







Benefits  :


Accessibility: according to your accessibility rules, your applications can be found more than 99.9% associated with time thanks to your availability that is high network.

Sustainability: Webaxys manages your Cloud in its Datacenters in Normandy.



Secure your turnover by protecting yourself from information loss or business interruption.


Certain data that are particularly sensitive applications require high continuity of solution. In case of a hardware failure, you chance losing important computer data and work tools, which can trigger the cessation of your activity.


The Pax / PCA Webaxys provides consist in implementing replication and / or synchronization processes (dependent on the known level of criticality).


The PRA – catastrophe recovery plan – gives you to get your computer data in record time.


The PCA – company continuity plan – provides a continuation of one’s activity in all transparency and without interruption.

To work on this, Webaxys relies on its two interconnected Norman data centers and on its committed fiber backbone that is optic. So your data can be saved in two independent and places that are highly secure.


Firewall  : We provide you with all the hardware (firewall) to secure your network by applying an access policy . The firewall monitors traffic between different trusted zones, by filtering the information moves moving through it. We assist Cisco products.



All OC3 Network hosting solutions are offered with à la carte tuning!


Hosting is the basis of OC3 Network’s businesses. <BR>

Handling it self exclusively to professionals, OC3 Network essentially provides 3 kinds of solution: Colocation, personal email hosting dedicated servers or virtual servers.


The main activity of the web host is to set up and supply the means to its customers to make its content, applications as well as servers available via the online.


To do this, the host provides its customers with a secure place: the info Center .


The colocation uk Center is a accepted place with all the attire necessary for the execution of the colocation hosting service. This ranges from its physical security, to very speed that is high to one or even more operators, without forgetting the availability of a corrugated electrical supply, perhaps backed up by a generator, an air training system (redundant or otherwise not), fire protection devices… And to keep these devices as much as date, but additionally the supply of the DNS service, which alone enables access to the internet sites and / or applications of its clients. Depending regarding the known level of their construction and their connections.


Information Centers are classified via a hierarchy called Tier , indexed from 1 to 4 by the institute that is uptime and which informs for the availability rate that the site is meant to guarantee.



In some cases, the host can be required to deliver the servers, as well as in this case, it need to ensure its security by setting up security updates to prevent harmful attacks, restoring them in the event of a breakdown, including install software technologies desired by customers or them, such as, for example, the tools necessary for programming or broadcasting on the Internet that they wish to offer.


Internet hosting is justified by different reasons including:


the need to secure the hosted service,

the provision by the service provider of significant resources, especially in terms of bandwidth, electricity or air-con

advice and associated support services

Most accommodation offers are grouped into major groups:


Shared hosting : The provider ‘s servers are configured to host sites that are several order to pool costs. The main advantage is the price, the main disadvantage is that the shared client is not the server administrator, if it wants a particular technology so it is often dependent on the host. OC3 Network does not offer this kind of service.

Hosting on a dedicated host : In this case, your client has his own server, and he can generally administer it as he wishes, which is the main advantage of this type of offer. The server provider, however, remains the owner of the server. The price is higher than that of shared hosting, and it is necessary to have skills that are certain administer the machine properly.

Hosting on a committed virtual server via a hypervisor. This solution offers the client the flexibility of a passionate server and allows it to exempt it self from performance constraints, because by its nature it is indefinitely extensible. The cost is less than compared to a best dedicated server hosting uk, but the need for skills remains particular.

Committed or virtualized hosting in managed mode . The client has its own physical or virtual server, but the technicians of the host take care of its system management in this case. This solution is perfect if you have no technical knowledge on its management. You only have to deposit your site. This type of accommodation seeks to conform to the requirements of your client.

uk colocation [Housing]  : The host makes available to his customer a passionate space (usually 1/2 bay at least) so that he can place his infrastructure inside. The host also provides the customer with a  power supply cable and a network cable (or dietary fiber) so that he can supply and connect their infrastructure to the Internet. This system is supposed to be cheaper, since host rental is not included, but security systems and badges in data facilities can cost significantly more than renting.

Companies face many challenges on a daily basis in terms of cheapest email hosting their IT infrastructure and applications. They constantly need certainly to arbitrate between performance demands vital for their activity and constraints in regards to expenses and investments, which explains why they have been turning more and more towards virtualization solutions in which the cost invoiced is directly linked to use. The prosperity of the nursery rhyme attests for this, and that of applications in SaaS mode just confirms the trend.