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For the layman, email is usually connected with major best email hosting providers such as Google or Yahoo, as it is free and virtually limitless with regards to storage.

Nonetheless, businesses usually have different needs and it’s also generally speaking smart to seek out a corporate email hosting service.

While you can find free variations available with numerous hosting companies , many companies take advantage of the flexibility and power of professional email services. Professional email hosting generally implies that emails are managed by a dedicated or separate email server.

best email hosting


  1. Get the best email hosting
  2. Intro: How email hosting works
  3. Why do you need cheap email hosting?
  4. What makes email hosting that is good
  5. Mail Host Options: Bundled, Dedicated, SaaS
  6. Best e-mail web hosting for company
  7. Month Interserver – $ 5.00
  8. Month nameCheap – $ 0.99
  9. Hostinger – starts at $ 0.80 / month
  10. Month inMotion Hosting – starts at $ 3.99
  11. Month TMD hosting – starts at $ 2.95
  12. Month a2 hosting – starts at $ 2.96

Step-by-step tutorials

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  • How exactly to configure a simple email with Plesk
  • What’s an MX record?
  • How to configure MX Record in cPanel
  • How to configure MX Record in Plesk
  • What is an server colcoation?
  • How exactly to configure recording that is SPF cPanel
  • How exactly to configure recording that is SPF Plesk

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Before going too deep here, let’s first discuss the basics.

How e-mail hosting works

The basics of corporate email hosting are not very complex while this is not a topic on the tip of Joe’s average language. Email hosting is actually a very term that is generic simply indicates which service hosts your emails with cheap ssl certificate uk. Gmail, as an example, may also be considered e-mail hosting.

But, for the purposes of this article, we will assume that you’re considering hosting your emails that are own. This means that you will have control that is total your email messages, from producing details to handling their administration, including their location.

When an email is provided for you, it includes various details, including your email address. Based on this address, mail is then sent to a storage space where it is configured to go. Once it’s there, you can open it and read it anytime you need.

It is usually very likely that email hosting service will be integrated into your web hosting plan if you have purchased a web hosting plan. If not, you will need to find e-mail hosting packages just before may use custom domains for your email.

A email that is personalized will look such as this:

Why do you want corporate email hosting?

Once I utilize the term email that is professional, I’m really referring to using a custom domain for your email. There are many reasons for this, ranging from professionalism to data security. The costs are not prohibitive and the benefits far outweigh these costs from a business perspective.

Professionalism 1-

Utilizing a custom domain will let your prospects understand just who they’ve been dealing with. Because the domain belongs to you and is handled, it will be problematic for anyone to present themselves as belonging to your organization.

Let’s have a look at uk colocation in which one company makes use of professional email web hosting even though the other uses free email.

Business A –

Business B –

In the case of Company A, anyone can sign up for actually this current email address provided that it’s still available.

Company B’s email will however be unique to you, the domain owner. Company B’s email address also reflects the company’s professionalism and dedication to its company.

2- information protection

By hosting your very own business e-mails, you’ve got full control over the behavior of emails delivered to you. For example, you may need to store your email on servers located in specific locations if you work in a company subject to certain regulations such as data localization.

3 – Help

Businesses tend to communicate strongly by email today. It is likely that some of these emails contain important information such as billing, billing, contracts, etc. By using your email that is own hosting you will be better equipped to cope with scenarios that will arise from e-mail dilemmas.

Lost or corrupted e-mails can have a big impact on your business, therefore the help provided with hosting professional e-mails can be indispensable.

Why is email hosting that is good?

Lots of the faculties that an excellent web host has should also be present in a good email host. Among these characteristics, reliability and flexibility must be near the top of the list. Other factors include:


As a continuing business, your customers must be able to trust the integrity of your business. They give you confidential information, such as names, e-mail addresses and possibly financial data. Securing your e-mail is very important and you should try to find integral features such as for instance data protection, anti-malware, spam, etc. in an email host.


We frequently check our emails via different platforms, it may become simple to forget that each and every of those may necessitate different configurations. When looking for an email hosting provider, make sure you get access to internet, POP, and IMAP e-mail.

Webmail allows you to use a web-based email client, which will be really convenient. IMAP lets you read your e-mail from any unit without the need to down load it. POP, on the other hand, requires you install your e-mails before reading them.

Without blacklist

Getting your IP address blacklisted is a sure way of seeing your business activities (especially those related to the customer!) Stop quickly. This can be a problem that is major your IP is blacklisted. It will take time and effort to restore it. Avoid email hosts that are known to have customers who are blacklisted, as you may end up with a IP that is recycled that is already blacklisted.

You can check the blacklist status of a message host using MX Toolbox .

Where you should host your individualized e-mail records?

1- Group web hosting (Email + Website)

A grouped email hosting is an email hosting provided with your web hosting account (hence the term “grouped”). Depending on your needs, this can be very useful, as you don’t need to manage your emails on a account that is separate pay extra for hosting your e-mails.

Nevertheless, group messaging hosting is frequently limited in area by the overall capacity of your web hosting account. Most offerings allocate a amount that is unique of room betwixt your e-mail and your hosting. Besides space, you also share the amount of bandwidth allotted to your account.

Advantages – very easy to install, inexpensive, host several email that is small at a price.

Disadvantages – restricted features and storage space. Maybe not for big companies.

Most useful group web hosting service? Below are a few types of team e-mail web hosting: InMotion Hosting and TMD Hosting .

2 – Dedicated messaging hosting

If you want e-mail hosting to get more records or are looking for enhanced email-related features, dedicated email hosting may be the solution for you. Dedicated email hosting does not necessarily mean it does mean that the account is for email processing only that you need to have a full email server for your own use, but.

You’ll get a definite amount of bandwidth and space for your account, separate from your web hosting. Many dedicated email hosts also provide advanced features such as additional protection, automated smartphone synchronization, etc. The downside is that you shall have to spend extra for the email when compared with a package.

The Benefits – Easy to install, advanced features, host numerous email that is small at one cost.

Disadvantages – more expensive set alongside the bundled choice

Best dedicated e-mail hosting service? Not all web hosting companies provide devoted email hosting plans, but for instance, you will discover clear examples of a good address dedicated e-mail hosting solution. Hostinger and Fluid Web .

3 – Enterprise solutions (SaaS)

Some companies such as for example Bing and Microsoft have email solutions that are hosting as G Suite and Microsoft 365 Business. These are easy-to-use and powerful dedicated messaging services, but must certanly be handled individually from your web hosting, even when they could make use of your individualized domain title.

The downside is that the solutions may cost a little more as the number of your employees increases. For example, G Suite might only cost X $ 5.40 for a basic plan, but this is the price to pay for per individual each month.

Benefits – Easy to install, powerful features.

Disadvantages – additional work that is administrative. Costly – additional expense for extra e-mail reports.

Popular corporate messaging solutions? Bing Suite and Microsoft 365 company .

Most Readily Useful Business Email Hosting Providers

Small enterprises generally do have more requirements that are basic email hosting. In this scenario, I would highly recommend hosting group emails as this has distinct advantages of small businesses, including:

Price – The cost of hosting the e-mail is incorporated into the package, so are there no additional overheads to take into consideration. The purchase price is “all inclusive” for website hosting, email and any other functionality made available from the web hosting provider!

Simplicity of use – In many cases, managing grouped email messages is as simple as adding the desired email details. More complex things such as for example MX and SPF records is referred to the support that is technical of your hosting provider. They will be very happy to help you to get things set up.

Below are a few for the best email hosting services for small enterprises that I recommend.