bonanza satrangi
by Arianna Chieli I have two sons and for me life was

bonanza satrangi rather easy up to the awareness of the little one and the pre-adolescence of the big one. The toughest choice was between a red tracksuit and a blue tracksuit. Yes, because my sons, male and wild, asked only one thing from their mother. Be comfortable. I practically gave intact flowers of knee-length velvet trousers, linen blouses, bow ties and wool waistcoats. Disproportionate whims and panic scenes before school hours made me understand the abysmal difference of views between how I wanted to dress the children and what they asked of the clothes. This list, two children and countless whims later, is the result of experience. Make good use of it. 1)Unless they are newborns in which case orient yourself towards natural fabrics and indulge yourself with rompers of all kinds and types (but they are easy to take off because puppies, pee, feed are always present), let the little ones express their preferences . It will be much easier to make them dress alone when needed. 2) A tulle skirt or a velvet suit fits, but the base must be made of comfortable and interchangeable items . Sport trousers, colored sweatshirts, t-shirts, maxi pullovers in wool for girls. Perfect daily looks for school or afternoons playing on the playground, without fear that they will break or get dirty. They are children, they have every right to get dirty freely. Armani Junior / Liu Jo Kids 1_armanijeans_junior_ai2015 2_liujo_bambino 3) Children love color . Yes, males too. A classic from my house: “mom is yellow?” “No, only blue” “mom is orange?”, No, only gray. They will have all their lives to wear blue and gray, at least let

rang rasiya them express themselves freely as children. Areonautica Militare / Fred Mello 4) Choose natural materials, as much as possible . Children’s skin is very delicate and cotton a trusted friend, as well as linen and natural fabrics. My children hate wool pulls (pinch mom!) So I prefer cotton + sweatshirt even in winter. 5) Dress them in layers3_aeronautica-military 4_fredmello . The children run and sweat. And if they are too covered they get sick in the blink of an eye. Better to remove and put back than to spend a week at home with them feverish (which pious rampant and in the blink of an eye the following week you will be feverish too) 6) Indulge their habits . When will they ever dress again as Dart Vader or Princess Sofia? Yes, even to go out on an anonymous Thursday afternoon. This is the beauty of being children. 7) Don’t fight against windmills. Do not hope that a pre-adolescent develops a taste for uniqueness. Homologation, even in clothing, is part of a phase of life. Console yourself thinking it will pass. The taste for sweatshirts dropped on the eyes at home and for the fluo mustache at any cost will pass. 8) Every now and then treat yourself to something you like. This year I gave the little boy a nail, if I had a little girl I would have gone mad for the bon ton velvet dresses. Maybe once they get it. Armani Junior 9) In winter, go to the duvets and technical fabrics that keep them warm. The coat is certainly more elegant, but a down jacket warms up more. And there are beautiful ones. Yes to animal-shaped hats, to colored scarves, to interchangeable gloves. Woolrich / Areonautica Militare 10) Underwear is also important.5_armanijunior 6_woolrich_bambina 7_piumini-aeronautical Comfortable and delicious panties and vests, sweet sweet pajamas and socks to match the moods must never be missing.
Which children’s formal dresses to choose to combine elegance and freedom of movement? What are the rules for dressing children for a wedding ?

Several factors must be taken into account: the season, the place, the time, but the first rule must be comfort. In fact, children must still be free to move and play freely.

Children’s formal wear : advice on how to dress children for a wedding
If the wedding is in summer, the choice must fall on fresh and breathable fabrics , such as cotton, linen or silk.

In winter, on the contrary, it is preferable to opt for fabrics that keep warm, such as velvet, wool or cashmere.

For girls, flounced or lace dresses are very nice : however elegant

sobia nazir, but not formal, even better if they are light in color, with some accessories to put in your hair such as ribbons or flowers. Beautiful flower crowns like those chosen for Pippa Middelton’s wedding.

Or he put it on for Bianca Balti’s wedding: in the greenery, in the countryside, dressed in white like his mother.

I must say that I really like the little girl dressed in white: let’s say that even if it is the color forbidden for guests at weddings, on a little girl, it certainly cannot bother the bride.

For boys, however, both suits and shirts with trousers are fine, perhaps coordinated with vests of the same color. You can complete the look with a patterned tie or a bow tie. Or if you want to copy Pippa Middleton with green Bermuda shorts: what a show!

For my wedding I had chosen a linen suit from

al zohaib Chicco, total white, like all the other guests.

dress-child marriage

If the ceremony is celebrated in the evening, the outfit must be a little more elegant. For boys you can go on dark clothes with a white shirt, with or without bow tie, to be combined with a light moccasin or an Oxford model; for girls on pink or powder pink dresses, with matching ballerinas. And remember a jacket for the evening when temperatures drop!

dress-child marriage

To enrich the child’s outfit, don’t forget the

nishat linen online hairstyle! for girls you can choose the braid a hairstyle with soft waves, for boys a little gel.

A suggestion: it is better to always bring a change, a shirt or a little dress with you, because you know, children never stand still and get dirty is a moment!