Creation of your online store

Create your showcase site the way you want thanks to the customization that Shopify offers you. Choose from over 100 professional themes created by designers. Strengthen your brand and personalize your store by choosing a template that will include its own intuitive and easily customizable parameters. Your online store will include a shopping cart suitable for mobile commerce, so your customers can visit your site and buy from their phone or tablet.

Personalize the HTML and CSS files to which you will have access and personalize your site as you wish (provided you master the code).

You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with a Shopify expert who will assist you in customizing your store. Own your own domain name using the one you already own, or buy one on the Shopify platform.

Shopping cart

Each Shopify store includes a free 256-bit SSL certificate. All page, content, credit card and transaction information is protected by the same level of security used by banks. Shopify also provides you with more than 33 payment gateways for the French market, including:




Another point to note, the checkout of your online store is available in more than 50 languages, which can prove to be an advantage for all those who wish to develop internationally.

Offer free shipping to your customers with Shopify. You have the possibility of fixing the payment levels for the delivery, that is to say that it is you who decide from what purchase amount the delivery is offered.

Management of your online store

From customer relationship management like a CRM, through the management of refunds or reminders by email, Shopify offers you many advantages for managing your store.

The Shopify mobile app, recently translated into French, allows you to manage all aspects of your online store from your smartphone.

Manage your customer relationships from the Shopify platform. You will find data on your customers which will allow you to know more about the profiles of your consumers. You will also have the possibility of creating customer lists by grouping together those who have the same interests for example or who tend to buy the same products. This will help you to relaunch them by email by operating grouped sendings with, for example, suggestions of products that might interest them.

Order processing is also simplified, with one click, you can process several orders.

Finally, you will benefit from customizable email templates that will be automatically sent from your store, at key moments in the purchasing process (abandoned cart, order placed, delivery, etc.).

SEO & Marketing

Regarding SEO, Shopify allows you to modify H1 tags, title tags and metatags, allowing you to easily position yourself on keywords relevant to your business. You can also benefit from the rating system optimized for search engines. Your “sitemap” is also automatically generated, integrating your product pages as well as all the other pages of your site. Finally, you can also generate a FAQ to further optimize your SEO.

On the marketing side, you have the possibility of launching promotional campaigns and promo codes. Which can be useful if you want to push influence marketing on your site. You can easily sell on Facebook with Shopify. In fact, your customers and those targeted during Facebook advertising campaigns will be able to order your products without leaving Facebook.