After hiring and configuring a professional email, the account administrator will have access to a personal email hosting platform to administer the service. It is possible to create and manage all email accounts. Other features that are common such as creating alternative addresses for a merchant account (also called an alias), forwarding messages, automatic replies, and many others, may also be performed of this type. The resources that are available according to the service contracted. E-mails integrated with office suites, such as G Suite and The email shop UK, for example, offer additional controls, such as permission to create files, use of applications, among other people.

The management panel is determined by the ongoing company that provides the service.

Email hosting

You should mention that the administration panel can just be accessed by the account administrator (s). Normal users, such as employees of a  company, will only have access to the resources offered by the service. For example, in the case of email hosting that is best , all employees will connect to their own account’s webmail platform but are banned to create or delete other email accounts.

Are you able to have a email that is professional along with web hosting service?


Yes. Many web hosting businesses also provide the free email service together with the hosting (start to see the hosting that is best here). The hosting company also provides an administration panel, where you can manage users and create new email accounts as with dedicated email services.

The user that is e-mail send and receive messages on the web platform and/or configure a specific program because of this on the computer, tablet and/or cell phone.

For those who already have a website, the email service at the hosting can be very convenient. Besides, it can be an economy to hire a hosting company that already offers email that is professional especially for organizations which can be just starting and who’ll perhaps not make massive use of the email service.

Whenever a email that is professional contracted with hosting, it is important to be aware of the plan’s capabilities and limits. The message store is shared with the hosting file store in some cases. In others, space is separated by account. Whatever the scenario, you will need to evaluate what the ongoing service usage profile are and whether the service provided is consistent with that.

Can I access my email that is professional account my mobile phone?

Yes. Professional e-mail services work utilising the standard protocol for exchanging email messages. Thus, through POP / IMAP and SMTP technologies, users can send and receive messages email that is using installed on smart phones, tablets and, needless to say, computers.

The message exchange feature must certanly be enabled within the administration panel, which can be often already configured by default. If for some reason, the account administrator does not want users to have access to the feature, cheap ssl certificate uk  it can be disabled in the same way. Some services, including the email store uk, allow the activation of message exchange protocols only on paid plans.

What’s the difference between email and webmail?

The expression webmail refers exclusively to the email package that is accessed directly in the internet browser (browser). When accessing your e-mails through the browser of the choice, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and others, you’re utilizing webmail. When using a third-party system to get and send emails, such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Smartphone application, we are not webmail that is using. These third-party programs used to read and receive emails are called email clients.

Already the term e-mail can refer either to the communications it self (ex.: “I sent you an  that is e-mail since the message service (ex.: “I borrowed a specialist e-mail “).

How do I set up a email service that is professional?

After hiring a professional email provider, the owner or responsible for the domain must perform a small configuration for the service to work. The procedure itself is a bit technical, but most companies help by providing instructions that are detailed. Besides, it is done just once.

Whenever configuring the service, e-mails from that domain are directed to a specific e-mail server. The process involves inserting DNS entries of the MX type (the acronym MX comes from Mail Exchange, which in free translation would be something like “exchange of correspondence”). When pointing the MX entries for a given e-mail server, the  information is propagated over the web, which then directs all messages through the domain towards the host in concern. In some cases, especially when the e-mail service is offered together with the hosting of websites, the MX note does not need to be carried out by the user, because the hosting service takes care of automatically forwarding messages on the colocation uk . In this case, the domain’s DNS has to be pointed to the server colocation. In this real way, DNS entries are now handled by the web hosting.

The DNS system is a type or kind of Internet address book. The association between all the domains on the internet and their respective best dedicated server hosting uk are recorded in it. Thus, when a user accesses the address of a website, the request shall be forwarded to the location of the site under consideration, irrespective of its location.

Can we employ a email that is professional other than the main one hosting my website?

Yes, that is quite possible. As mentioned earlier, the setup of the e-mail that is professional depends on pointing the MX entries to the e-mail server. Therefore, to set up the professional e-mail service in a company apart from the one colocation hosting your website, simply access the panel where the DNS entries are managed and configure the MX entries accordingly.

Free email that is professional where to find it?

The free professional email options are not many, but they do exist. A free professional email provider that offers quality is uk colocation. The free model allows you to create up to 5 users (email accounts), 5 GB for each account. Among the limitations of the service in free mode, are the use of only one domain and the restriction to send and receive messages using email that is third-party via POP / IMAP.

It is important to comprehend that free professional email is not completely free of price. To make it happen you’ll need a domain, which costs the average of R $ 40 per year.

Why buy a email that is professional when there are free options? Because free cheapest email hosting options are limited compared to paid options. These limits can be room, several accounts, and resources, among other aspects. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate, before selecting, whether this may be a  problem or not in your case. If you don’t have any email that is professional, it’s a good step to get started!

Exactly why is G Suite and The e-mail shop UK so much more expensive compared to the others?

For these  companies, e-mail is just one component of the service provided. The proposal, in this case, is to offer a package that is complete of, which will provide different factors of your company.

Among the ongoing services offered, in addition to e-mail, there are text editing programs, presentations, and spreadsheets. Agenda and resources for storing files in the cloud are also present. Communication services, which include chat and video, are additionally an element of the products of these companies. And many of these additional features could be handled on a platform that is single the company, making it easier for everyone accountable to administer accounts and services.

Even as we can see, professional email is merely one component of G Suite, from Google, therefore the email store UK, from Microsoft. It is up to the customer to assess whether these extras are necessary for the organization.


We can say that professional email is increasingly important for professionals and companies that are looking for to transmit credibility and confidence to their customers. Although the vast majority are paid, there are free and cheap email hosting providers that allow you to have a professional email, despite having some limits. At the other end, we have robust and more services that are expensive those trying to find a wider selection of services, not just email. In summary,

There are different solutions, in features and costs, for all those who want to take their step that is next on internet and have their professional e-mail. If you have any questions or need help choosing the best personal email hosting for you, leave a comment and we’ll be happy to answer.