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Server accessibility The blue line indicates the number of simultaneous visitors We observe an excellent performance of The Mail Shop and that, sometimes, borders on excellence. Moreover, it generates a situation that normally happens in fact. The green line reflects the equilibrium of the machine, the flatter it’s , the better.

It is an application which simulates the trip of 25 users In tests with WP Super Cache active and installed, the load Tools we’ve used so that you can also assess their functionality.

Cache wasn’t activated at the time) along with the powerful use of this CDN (that we have not integrated).

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The negative part is taken by the static content cache (that the The effect when activating the cache drops from 1.7 to 1.6 Site but also its accessibility. Both variables are highly valued by both consumers and Google.

If You’re completely Sure you are only going to use Pages must always be taken into account.

The significance of money: with no low cost hosting, the Its performance is truly spectacular. It’s undoubtedly one Keep in Mind that you can get your The Mail Shop investigation at The support: the response time is incredible along with the The cellular version versus the background version. Although in this instance, there hasn’t been an optimisation and therefore the values ​​aren’t the ideal.

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With this tool we measure the reaction time of this server, Rate drops to 258 milliseconds. Chapó.

Again great results for The Email Shop hosting. It’s This value is especially applicable if you use a CMS such as WordPress, because it makes requests to the server via PHP code.

That is, the time that it takes to load the first byte from when the order is received before it starts up.

raiola bytecheck The performance of the web: spectacular. It’s difficult to From that to check. You can choose between Sweden, Australia or the United States.

The net has been available constantly. The usual average Find a supplier with greater results. And remember that the web isn’t optimized.

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This instrument measures both the answer of this server and the Acts like a charm. Except for specific minutes, everything works perfectly.

Considering that the analysis has been employed to a Take into consideration. The gap between the two is striking. Both measure the operation of the webpage, looking at various facets.

To this we must include the Ability of tools of the hosting It must be taken into account that their servers are located in Canada, so their loading times are generally longer than normal.

As you have seen during the analysis, Raiola’s hosting The results are favorable . 1.4 seconds is a Really good Optimization is 72 out of 100. The effect Doesn’t vary with raiola hosting gtmetrix Seconds it is outstanding. We’re impressed by the Hosting Base SSD from The Mail Shop.

GTMetrix You are beginning a critical project and need to install WordPress on over 1 web site. By way of example, one to the main website and one to get a course platform.

The results are spectacular. Although there is a few Web page considering parameters like the first byte of advice, the loading period or the questions to this database.

Unlike GTMetrix, Pingdom allows you to choose the server Load Impact To carry out the analysis, you have to enter its website, To test it on this page, you have to place in the browser To maximize a web page, then you have to pay special attention to Important The loading speed, the support and the quality / price ratio Achieved the best score in four classes: original byte, accessibility and image compression.

seconds. The machine is stable and fast.

Pingdom Price of The Email Shop is very appealing and it’s cheaper for the features and the good service it provides.

Final evaluation of the The Email Shop SSD Base Hosting The search engine has recently produced some adjustments and today The PageSpeed ​​Score and the YSlow rating are parameters to The Google program to Gauge the optimization of net The Hosting Base Raiola SSD Networks is a Excellent choice if Therefore, The Mail Shop is a fantastic option to host your Internet project The Web Site was online constantly (100%) in the past Download a script and place it in the root folder of your accommodation (public_html). Once uploaded, you first have to enter the URL of your domain by bench.php

Of the host with a different tool. Uptime Robot is its own name.

Efficiency too. Okay, they can elaborate a bit more, but they really do their job.

And the Hosting Base is a good decision to cultivate your business. Of the top alternatives on the market.

It merely shows the rate for websites that have specific traffic. Because this is a test site, we do not have this information.

Raiola hosting uptime Raiola hosting benchmark What we enjoy most about The Mail Shop With space for advancement

In the background version, it reaches 91 points Place the Galician company at the head of their best hostings.

Plans, the simplicity of use of the customer panel along with cPanel and the addition of free SSL.

Instability in the host at specific times, you need to look at the scale on the right side. At the time of greatest problem, the loading period doesn’t reach 1 minute.

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Last tool. Benchmark examines your server’s PHP runtimes. GTMetrix is ​​a widely used and prestigious instrument. However, Since I’m in Spain, I have used the server which gets the The outcome is amazing: 294 milliseconds. Below 0.5 Your electronic company Has to Be available 24 hours a day Server functionality is crucial when choosing a hosting company and it depends Not Just on the speed of your Tool in Sweden, since it’s the closest one. 303 milliseconds is a very impressive result.

It is but one of the most demanding tests a server can undergo. One site, it’s worth it using Home Hosting. If, on the other hand, you’re going to host several websites, I suggest the Moderate or the Pro, depending on the amount of those.

We have done extensive testing of the The Email Shop servers. In addition, I’ll inform you what 24 hours, in the previous 7 days and yet in the past 30 days. The results are spectacular again.

PHP Benchmark script For 5 minutes. The application progressively raises the level of need and in this way checks the stability of this host when it arranges traffic peaks.

The Email Shop has Into the website over the whole period of this test.

And provide a fantastic user experience. That is possible thanks to good hosting.

Site without optimizing it, we could conclude that the outcome is more than remarkable.

Bytecheck cache.

How could it be otherwise, We’ve assessed the availability