We see that cloud storage and digital modernization are becoming increasingly important for business continuity. Cloud computing, which has started to cover a large area of ​​our lives with the development of technology and digitalization, takes its power from its virtualization technology and service-oriented architecture. With this aspect, it is expected that cloud technology, which is the close marking of both commercial enterprises and companies with a high number of branches, will be positioned as a key element of success in 2020.

On the other hand, in 2020, it is expected that the interaction with cloud computing and productivity through new interfaces, connection options, and applications will increase in daily lifIn addition to being scalable and reliable, many businesses need cloud computing today because of the high amount of savings and the modern IT infrastructure that it offers by eliminating significant capital investments. According to a recent study on the subject, 80% of businesses will switch to cloud computing by closing their data centers within 2025.Here are the predictions and trends that will stand out for cloud computing for 2020;

1- Hybrid Cloud usage will continue to increase

Hybrid cloud refers to the use of both private and public clouds in a single architecture. While companies can use their private cloud infrastructures for sensitive applications and data; use the public cloud for other computing tasks. This feature provides additional flexibility to companies that have their IT infrastructure in cloud-based systems. Due to its low cost and scalability, Hybrid cloud usage has increased from 51% to 58�tween 2018 and 2019, and this rising trend is expected to continue rapidly in 2020.

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2- New professions will emerge

Cloud computing, which provides countless advantages in terms of access, performance, speed, efficiency, cost, and reliability on a global scale, opens doors at career developmeto a study that was done, cloud computing, in Turkey between the years 2017 to 2022 more than 130 people, while creating new business opportunities;

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Architect

Cloud Application Developer

Big Data Analyst

New professions like the Cloud Manager are expected to emerge.

3- Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence’s role in the cloud will increase

Services that require instant data transfer and analysis will cause cloud computing investments to increase in 2020 as well. According to the research report published by IDC, IoT spending will reach 1 trillion by 2021. It is also expected that these investments will contribute to the rapid acceleration of cloud-based platforms. On the other hand, the emergence of artificial intelligence technologies, where cloud computing plays a key role, will also positively trigger the cloud computing platforms. Artificial intelligence that enables instant data analysis will continue to be a technology that always needs the broad infrastructure of cloud computing for a colocation hosting service.

4- The issue of “compatibility” will come up more

Compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) will continue at an accelerated pace. Effective data usage, data security, and compliance with KVKK will continue to affect cloud computing to a large extent.

5- It will be organized and managed via cloud APIs

Business processes are the basic elements that make up the whole business. For example, “order entry” is a business process. Together with the order entry, this product is produced, put into use, shipping, etc. the entire processes act in turn. In other words, all these processes are interconnected. The unprecedented increase in cloud utilization allows companies to manage these processes in real-time over the cloud. In the coming days, these cloud applications are expected to connect via APIs (Application Programming Interface) to eliminate manual processes such as configuration, backup, and sizing. “API-fiction” which is interpreted as a kind of automation with this new development known as, companies will have the opportunity to improve their business processes with their business partners, service providers, and customers through APIs.

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