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Server Hosting is a collective concept of the services HDW Data offers. HDW Data is a hosting company and offers several services in the region of?? Server web hosting. Types of several types of host web hosting are devoted host, managed to host, UK server colocation. What these suggest it is possible to read about below.

HDW Data is an excellent supplier with several years of competence and experience that you benefit from by outsourcing your server operation to HDW Data. We offer a proven infrastructure where we manage, among other items. Monitoring, electricity, cooling, and accessibility. Facets which can be both time consuming and costly.

In contemporary web hosting, concepts such as ecological impact are a concern for HDW information.

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Dedicated host hosting

A dedicated server is a hosting solution where you have your server. HDW Data offers several models of automated and standardized Dedicated Servers, each of and this can be delivered in just a few hours. HDW Data is a provider of quality rackspace colocation server hosting and delivers all models with very performance that is good quality. Based on the customer’s needs, requirements and wishes, HDW Data can also customize server solutions to meet the requirements. Whether it’s a standardized model or a solution that is customized.

HDW Data listens towards the consumer’s needs as well as in assessment analyzes which additional services the customer must have in the form of SLA (Service Level Agreement), VPN solutions, safety Packages (HDW information handles updates of eg customer’s os and talks about server health), Internet capacity, etc.

Dedicated Hosting offers an equipment warranty, which means that HDW information takes hardware responsibility that is full.

In conclusion, HDW Data gives you a solution where you are able to consider your core company and where we just take obligation in making your systems available. We have been in charge of the infrastructure and you also lease the answer from us at a fixed monthly price which makes it easy to budget the cost. You do not have to think about purchasing hardware, back-up, energy, as well as other infrastru cure.

colocation UK

uk server colocation or co-location you place your equipment in HDW Data’s data center if you wish, is a server hosting service where. You own your hardware, as opposed to a dedicated server where you rent your server solution. While you both own and manage your server, HDW Data stands for the secure operation of your solution. cheap colocation gives you several benefits as HDW information takes full responsibility for heavy parameters such as infrastructure and backup systems. This requires edge that is cutting xpertise in many areas.

Managed host web hosting

Need assistance managing your server? HDW Data offers Managed server hosting through the Professional Hosting service. Professional Hosting is offered for both dedicated servers and uk colocation. The Professional Hosting service gives you a organization that is proactive knowledge.

On Line Backup

Have you got control over important computer data? HDW Data supplies the on line Cloud Backup solution that enables automatic or manual backups around the clock. All data is encrypted before it leaves your computer or server. What needs to be installed to make backup possible is a software customer which is through this client that you as a customer set your backup routine and where you read your backup. Cloud on line Backup gives you a backup that is robust where you will have important computer data in safe storage space.

Hosted Hyper-V

A robust cloud-based server platform based on Microsoft technology. Order your server that is virtual in cloud-based Windows Server 2008 R2. The working platform has redundancy that is high accessibility through automatic failover. The solutions consist of also a passionate host, dedicated resources by means of Central Processing Unit, HDD, RAM , etc.

Hosted Exchange

An solution that is e-mail companies based on the Microsoft Exchange Server platform. ActiveSync gives you, as a customer, access to e-mail, contact lists and calendar for your mobile phone. The service also includes several features that are important as Outlook Web App, regular Backup, and Antivirus & Spam Filter.