They trigger additional cooling and consume 13% more electricity

Current temperatures currently reach up to 36 ° C, which in addition to the joy for holidaymakers brings concern for some companies. These include data center companies that have to keep active UK colocation servers at strictly low temperatures. The ideal temperature is 20-21 ° C. It is these days that data centers are suffering from extreme heat. As a result, power consumption in the data center increases by up to 13% in summer compared to the annual average.

Summer tropical heat is a challenge for data centers. Even a minimal increase in the strictly controlled temperature in the server room can have harmful consequences. To maintain the normal and trouble-free functioning of the Internet, data centers must significantly increase their electricity consumption. In the case of insufficient cooling and therefore the temperature in the cheap colocation server room above the ideal limit, the UK colocation server life is reduced and the risk of failures increases. In the extreme case of elevated temperatures, server components will start to malfunction, and overheating may occur, causing the servers to shut down (or even damage them). Web applications (e-shops, platforms, etc.) running on them would cease to be available to users.

At vs. hosting ~, they can cope with high temperatures thanks to extensive air conditioning and adiabatic cooling. “We use a combination of cooling mechanisms in our Server Park to keep stored UK server colocation cool. The main cooling system in Server Park year-round large air conditioning units. During the extreme dry heat we witness this summer, we supplement this system with so-called adiabatic cooling. ” said CEO of vs. hosting ~, Damir Spolyaric.

The principle of adiabatic cooling is the conversion of sensible heat to the heat bound during the evaporation of water. When water is sprayed into the air, it evaporates and the air temperature decreases (Lain, 2007). In practice, it appears that water is sprayed onto the surface of the condensers (“coolers”) of the air-conditioning units, which turns into steam as a result of the heat and cools the capacitor. During extreme heat, this system in the data center can reduce the temperature by an additional 3-4 ° C above the range of conventional air conditioning, which can be crucial to maintain the ideal temperature in the Rackspace colocation server room.

The combination of increased air conditioning unit performance and additional adiabatic cooling operation has a noticeable impact on the power consumption of the data center. Compared to the annual average vs hosting ~ during tropical heat it consumes 13% more electricity. Total electricity consumption for 2020 reached 3,808,464 kWh, water consumption was 300m3.

Vs hosting ~ currently improves this system by installing water fog, compared to conventional water spraying. Water mist is not only a more efficient cooling solution but also more environmentally friendly due to the overall lower water consumption.