The cost reductions that a data center can provide

Since computers contain data essential to the business, the company must take drastic precautions to protect its equipment against the risk of flood fires or malicious acts.

By bringing their computers together in one place, they can apply their requirements for less than the costs they face if their computers are scattered.

Receive quotes from different data centers and compare them

The business can also cut costs with software that can manage and control a data center.

Employees to whom this management is entrusted can in particular regularly evaluate the performance of the center and take the measures intended to remedy any shortcomings without having to enter the center.

In addition, thanks to advances in virtualization, it is possible to manage the center from resource pools without being confronted with problems resulting from its geographic location.

Other advantages of data centers

If the company to which the data center is rented offers a high level of service, its customers can in particular benefit from efficient connectivity and personalized services offered by highly qualified personnel.

In addition, the company benefits from a high-performance Internet connection and saves space without having to make additional investments or pay installation costs, which is an important advantage when its size does not justify the purchase of ” an expensive computer park.

On the other hand, it benefits from total security for the protection of this data.

The specific advantages of regional data centers

Regional data centers primarily allow businesses to benefit from proximity and have a direct contact for managing their IT assets. This management is therefore facilitated.

In addition, if the company prefers to outsource the management of its strategic data, a regional datacenter allows it to more easily supervise the hosting of this data and better control its protection.

With regard to financial management, the use of a regional data center also makes it possible to reduce the consumption of electric current

Imagine a human population settled on Mars. It will be made up, at least as long as its elements come from planet Earth, of extremely educated and efficient people in the various technologies necessary for the functioning of the colony. It will also need the support of proven technologies but the most efficient possible and it will strive to continuously improve this technology to benefit from ever greater security and comfort with ever more energy consumption. low allowing to undertake always more in all the possible fields for their development and the profitability of this development.

insi we will never manage to reduce the time-gap between Earth and Mars but we can consider thanks to Martian datacenters (small then larger), to live with sufficient IT elements to work in the base, to use the necessary software , to directly control the various robots working on the surface all around the planet and to communicate and exchange with the Earth.

If we settle on Mars, we will have to make a Copernican reversal. The Earth will no longer be the center of the world from the point of view of the human population and its creation of wealth (intellectual and other) but “simply” its origin (and for a long time its richest “site”). If they want to develop, the Martians will have to sit down and have their own data centers. It will be necessary to determine what will be the importance of these centers and how to coordinate them with others installed on Earth. This will depend on the ability of Martians to maintain and operate them, and on Earthlings as well as Martians to innovate to succeed in reducing their size and energy consumption. Their research and progress on this subject (due to stronger stimulation than on Earth) could be the subject of exports of Martian software and know-how to Earth.