What is a data center

A datacenter (otherwise known as a data center) is a place in which there are computers grouped in a network and storage spaces allowing client companies to store and process large amounts of data.

l includes all the devices necessary for the operation and interconnection of computers and storage spaces, namely routers, storage subsystems, network switches, servers and the equipment necessary for security of the installation.

A powerful connection to the Internet and an electrical installation adapted to the consumption of the devices are also in place.

Depending on its size and needs, the company can use several data centers distributed in different locations if it thinks that the proximity of these centers to its production sites will improve their profitability.

Conversely, it can consolidate its datacenters if it allows it to reduce its costs.

Nearly 4 million SMEs, or 99.9% of businesses, 6.3 million employees, 43% of added value … Find all the official resources on the figures for SMEs.

Recent business data

In its analysis note for the 4th quarter of 2019, Bpifrance announces that during the fourth quarter of 2019, 214,896 companies were created in France, i.e. + 20% compared to the same period in 2018. The number of creations of companies in 2019 thus amounted to 815,257, up + 18% compared to 2018.

Turnover, activity and hires, investments, prospects for 2020 … the 70th business survey of SMEs, published by Bpifrance in January 2020, provides an overview of the activity and employment of SMEs in 2019.

The latest INSEE figures, published on January 28, 2020, show a 25% increase in micro-entrepreneur registrations in 2019, 16% for conventional sole proprietorships and 9% for companies.

The 2019 national balance sheet for businesses (pdf – 2.2 MB), published on January 21, 2020 by the National Council of Commercial Court Clerks, indicates that with 436,440 registrations in 2019, business creation increased by 11 % in 2019 in France.

The situation of companies in France in 2018: SMEs are doing well (pdf – 523 KB). Bulletin of the Banque de France, January-February 2020.

Companies in France, 2019 edition. Insee, December 2019. Complete structural view of the production system, with statistical development on SMEs in France.

The main resources on SMEs

Each year, the Performance Forum presents the details of the SME figures in the appendix to the yellow budget document published with the finance bill: distribution of SMEs according to their size and their respective weight in terms of employment, number business and investment.

Consult the 2020 edition of the State Financial Effort for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (pdf – 1.85 MB)

The characteristics of the companies by INSEE category give an overall overview of the different categories of companies.

The Bpifrance Observatory for SMEs publishes an annual report on the development of SMEs, with a version updated several times a year, SMEs on the water: report on the development of SMEs.

The Banque de France Business Observatory publishes studies on the situation of businesses: SMEs, mid-caps, large groups, payment terms, etc.