Blogging takes time. A lot of time. So obviously, it can happen that it arouses the disbelief of people around you. Why create a blog ? What’s the point ? Why spend so much energy or even budget for it, a result that often seems very intangible for people?

These questions arise for amateurs but also for professionals: does the time spent on a blog really relate to the company? Are there not more profitable investments?

What if we review some good reasons to embark on the adventure?

Why create a blog ?


1. Why create a blog? A story of trust

Having a blog is a great opportunity to create a relationship of trust with other Internet users and to develop your own self-confidence. Throughout the articles, you acquire comfort, you help people … what could be more rewarding?

A blog can also allow you to give confidence to other people through your own experience, to inspire them. Before being a story of technique and web writing, it is an adventure of personal development.

If you are a professional, the blog is also a good way to think about the added value you bring and how you can respond to a need … and this is the most effective commercial speech!

You will always sell better by listening to your customers’ problems and providing solutions, rather than praising your products or services and their features (no doubt great)!

2. Make your mind work

Creating a blog gives you the opportunity to stimulate your creativity. You have to look for ideas, find levers to renew your inspiration but also learn to structure your thinking.

Surely you have all come across teachers in your education who were learned and full of knowledge … but who were not teachers at all.

And even when you have knowledge, it is always useful to be humble because when you express yourself on a blog, you can be read by anyone, including by people who have much more knowledge than you on a subject.

A blog allows you to develop your pedagogical skills, through writing but also through the explanations you bring to the questions you are asked.

3. Learn to organize yourself better

Creating a blog is not limited to writing but also requires some technical skills, community management, etc. Managing to combine these different activities is not obvious for everyone!

You learn over time to find the productivity tips that work for you and they can easily be applied to other areas of your life.

To make a blog, for example, is to learn to manage your moments of fatigue, to face your lack of motivation sometimes … and to forge a personal discipline to move forward.

You can for example consult my advice for better organization or take a look at my own organization which allows me to reconcile a salaried job and the publication of numerous articles every month.